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The ultimate fun experience in Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya, or Mahahual as it is the official name, never disappoints us!

Situated on the most southern spot of the Quintana Roo, just an hour north of the Belizian border, the small fisher village of Mahahual awaits its cruise guest with authentic Mexican flair, colorful Mexican culture and culinary experiences to please every palate!

Just a few years back, Mahahual was just a small fishing village with some eco -tourism, but since the construction of the Cruise Port Costa Maya, cruise ship tourism has become the main economic impact. Yet, somehow Mahahual has managed to keep an authentic, small village flair.

Cruise ships dock at the recently build Costa Maya cruise terminal; it is beautifully constructed in an authentic style and certainly let’s you experience the colors of the Mexican culture. Great restaurants, bars, a Dolphinarium, Mayan cultural experiences and of course lots of shopping opportunity invited you to spend the day just at the port.

While this option is great, easy and convenient, we should point out that prices are certainly up from those in the village itself.

Once you made your way out of the cruise port, there is a selection of transport option to the actual village. Bicycles, Segways, rental cars and Vespas, and of course a line of Taxis. A taxi ride to town is very reasonable for just $5.

A 7 minute cab rides brings you right into the center of Mahahual; the villages stretches several kilometers along the gorgeous caribbean beach. While along the beach road there is a great selection of restaurants, bars, beachclubs, shopping, ice cream parlors and cafes, the roads a bit in is where real life takes place. Small grocery stores, butchers, bakeries, bars and restaurants where the locals would hang out.

If you are up for a relaxing day on the beach, there are a lot of restaurants that offer free use of their beach club, internet, showers, kayaks etc when you chose to eat there or have a drink or two. You can book snorkel tours that are certainly less touristy than many other places and the reef situated just in front of Mahahual is home to an exhilarating array of marine life.

Enjoy really fresh seafood at many of the restaurant option there!”Fernando’s 100% Agave” remains our favorite place for dinner, a quaint little place with superb food, excellent service, and well, yes, the BEST Tequilla in town!

While you can book various snorkel and diving excursions through the ship, we have personally made excellent experience with ‘Dreamtime Diving” located on the southern part of the beach road. Many guides are along the beach that take you put to very private snorkel experiences; for avid divers and snorkelers, Mahahual is probably one of the better kept secrets in the Caribbean!

How about a relaxing massage at the beach? Lots of options there, too. But be ready to barter!

There is lots of souvenir shopping, but there is also lots of really authentic Mexican art work. Hammocks, hand blow Mexican glassware, jewellery- you name it. Be ready to barter! The prices are made to barter; you are in Mexico, after all!

If you are interested in combining true Mexican culture with a day full of fun and relaxation, Costa Maya may just become one of your favorite Caribbean ports!

It certainly is on our top 5 list!