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Cruising has become the fastest growing segment in travel! 24 million people will cruise this year & cruising is ranked #1 in overall vacation value with an 90% plus satisfaction rate. People love to travel, to have fun, to explore the world , and they love to do it with friends, family & loved ones.

Wouldn’t it be great to market a fun product & build a business offering something people already want to do? Being part of the world’s first Cruising Membership Club and #1 fastest growing global cruise community with a vision to make life better for our members and partners could not just change your life, but the lives of hundreds of people that you introduce to the club.

The club has become the fastest growing, low investment, business opportunity in the travel industry and has members & partners in over 150 countries worldwide; most of our Partners cruise for free, many earn a significant part-time income & some earn much more as they have in their full time job.

Check out how these Partners feel about the the opportunity with the club &

how it brought them closer to the life of their dreams

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Cruise for FREE & get paid to cruise

With our “Get 5 to Thrive” Program, you can travel for FREE and even earn compensation as you travel the world, simply for referring others, that just like you, want to save money and see more of the world.

When a Partner refers 5 other members and we’ll waive the membership fee. As long as you maintain 5 Members, you will be membership FREE. That’s $2400 in free cruises each year, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

And if your referred members also go refer others, you can start to earn compensation each and every month. Your income could soar from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars each month as word-of-mouth spreads all over the world.


Get a glimpse of how our Partner can get paid five additional ways.

Instant Pay Bonus

Earn "Instant Pay Bonuses" of $50 - $150 each time you personally enroll a new Partner Member ( someone that becomes a Partner and a Member) during a natural calendar month.
These Bonuses start at $50 for the first Partner Member and increase...

Weekly Matching Bonus

Help your directly referred Partners make money and get paid handsomely for your efforts.
Earn a 100% MATCH of all instant bonuses earned by your direct Partners once they reach 5 Activation points during any given week.
Member Activation = 1 point Partner Activation = 1 point Partner Member Activation = 2 points
The 5 points required in order for you to earn the weekly matching bonus, is a TOTAL point count taking into account ALL your direct Partners’ activations each week. Additionally, you need to personally sponsor at least 1 NEW direct Member or Partner Member during the qualification week.

Monthly Residual Income

Build a monthly residual income as big as you want by simply becoming Membership FREE and helping your directly referred Partners to also become Membership FREE; that simple!
We’ll pay you $5.00 USD UP TO 20 levels, based on your Rank Achievement, for every Membership payment made by any Member you refer and any Members referred by your Partner Team, each and every month. You unlock each level with each direct Partner that is Membership FREE.

Leadership Bonus

We pay our top producing leaders a Monthly Leadership bonus for achieving and maintaining 1 of 7 rank achievements based on total team production goals.
The first monthly bonus level is a $300.00USD Car Bonus. The top bonus level is $55,000.00USD per month. These Team Leadership bonuses are generated from your entire team's production of direct and indirect's down to infinity (no limits!)


“The secret to SUCCESS in business is in detecting where

the world will go and get there FIRST”  – Bill Gates –


And this is exactly why the club is so successful now!

Our genuine offer and timing are PERFECT!

There is no better time to get started than NOW!