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InCruises™ is the world’s first travel membership club focused exclusively

on the best value in vacation travel: cruising.

We are on a mission to change the way families plan, save and pay for their vacation


If you had all the time & money, where would you go?

O   Alaska

O   Caribbean

O   New England

O   Caribbean

O   China

O   Mediterranean

O   Australia

O   South Africa

O   Baltic Sea

O   Fjord of Norway

O   Across the Atlantic

O   Persian Golf

O   Panama Canal & South America

O   Rivers of Europe

Our unique advantage allows you to access unique experiences

Our membership’s uniqueness starts with an amazing concept:

Cruise Dollars ™.

Our membership is simple: $100 (US) per month.

And for each $100 (US) payment, members receive 200 Cruise Dollars™.

Members can use their Cruise Dollars™ to book any out of the 5500 + available cruises. All major cruise lines, all destinations, all cabin categories, no limit of cruises per year, up to 60% of their Cruise Dollars™ in year 1, 70% of their Cruise Dollars™ in year 2, 80% of their Cruise Dollars™ in year 3, 90$ in year 4, and 100% of their Total Cruise Dollars™ after that!

There is simply no better plan or program that rewards Loyalty so handsomely!

And the best is: no contract, members can cancel anytime.

We are so sure that members love our club that we even give a 30 day money back guarantee if a member change their mind.


Cruises dollars

cruises dollars

In the next 7 minutes, you will learn how our members reliably save

20-50% off all their cruises, without the hassle of waiting for deals,

booking at certain times only, being restricted to certain cabins etc.


Our membership makes your dreams come true!

Please watch this video above.


Let's go! I'm ready!


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Who is inCruises™?
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