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What you need to know about choosing the right & blissful cruise

With over 5000 cruises on the market and hundreds of ships to chose from, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. Let’s look at 4 essential aspects that help you making the ultimate choice.

Where do you want to go?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • what location/area of the earth would I like to see?
  • what is your time frame? Which time of the year would you like to go or can you go? Is the chosen destination attractive that time of the year? If you need to fly in, you need additional time to get to and from the departure port, hence need more time available.
  • are you going because you want to see specific points or are you just looking to get away? If you live in Western Canada like us, for example, getting away to someplace WARM in the second half of the winter is the major agenda for us, so the Caribbean is always welcome).
  • does your budget allow you to fly to your desired destination or are you better of staying close where you can drive to a port?

When do you want to go?

This is an important factor to consider!

If you are bound to a certain time of the year (maybe that’s the only time you get vacation), this can greatly influence your destination choice.

For instance, if you would like to visit Alaska, you should be able to cruise between May and September; if you are bound to the summer vacation, you need to know that there are some risks to cruising the Caribbean in August and September due to Hurricane  season; the Mediterranean is the most beautiful during June to including October

What Cruise Line?

Now, that is a difficult choice, with the variety of different Lines on the market!

Different Cruise Lines cater to different customers; some are quite specialized, others are more generic. Let’s categorize this a little bit:

When to book your cruise

Timing is often an essential factor in getting the best deals!

It appears that booking EARLY almost guarantees you the best pricing. And with early, we are talking 12-18 month ahead. And in addition, the likelihood that you can secure your most desired stateroom and location o the ship is pretty high. Cruises over Christmas and New Years are often booked well in advance, so if you are planning to celebrate these on board of an amazing ship, book early!

Last minutes can have some awesome deals as well, but it would likely limit the selection of staterooms and it may turn out to be more tricky to book flights and pre-cruise hotels on last minutes. But maybe you just have to drive down the road to the next cruise port and the last minutes could be ideal for you.