Hello Genuine Networkers of Edmonton!

In the midst of this crazy times of a global pandemic, where we all are confined at home in an effort to flatten the curve of the spread of this Virus we all have to start to think outside of the box and re-evaluate how we have done business in the past. For some nothing has changed, for others everything has come to a painful stop.

But every challenge is also an opportunity, we believe!

So we started to move our meetings for the time being, while we can not meet in person, to a online platform.

Since we can not exchange business cards in person we created this page.

Everybody who wants to share his business contact info and nature of your business as well as your ideal client and how we as a group can help you to succeed, can fill out the below form and we will create a list which we will make available to the people who show up live to the meeting.

This is not a requirement but one way we wanted to give you a chance to still build your network and have the opportunity to follow up with the people you meet.

The choice is yours!




Meetup - Genuine Networkers (pandemic )