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Before we lead you to the registration page we want to make it very easy for you.

When you push the button above it will lead you to the registration page which will look like this :

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Next you will end up on the following page, where you decide if you want to become a Member or a Partner & a Member.

As a member we charge you $US 100 at check out (followed by a monthly $US100, as long as you remain an active member)

If you decide to become a Partner/Member we will charge you one time $US195 ( followed by annual $US95) and $US100 (followed by a monthly $US100)

The page will look like this :

Click proceed  to check out: and you will be referred to the “Choose your payment provider” page

Next, please acknowledge that on the next page you have to


Enter your credit card information and click




Done !!

Now you are officially

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