How clever cruisers travel the world for a FRACTION of the cost

WITHOUT going into debt or returning to big credit card bills

Cruising more often for less cost seems like an unattainable dream for many, yet it is truly possible for InCruises Club members.

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So how does the Membership work? It is very simple:

  • Members pay $100 per month and earn 200 Cruise Dollars ™ for every month paid. Cruise Dollars ™ accumulate and never expire as long as the member remains active. It’s kind of a “cruise savings account” with 100% return on your investment
  • there is no contact, members can cancel anytime
  • members can already use 60% of their accumulated Cruise Dollars™ in their first year of Membership & 10% more each additional year of membership

The value of the InCruises Membership is truly unmatched and not available outside the membership.


What are Cruise Dollars™ and how can they be used?

  • Cruise Dollars™ are like Cruise Credits that are used to book cruises
  • Members can choose from over 5500 cruises with any major Cruise Lineno black-outs or restrictions
  • Prices are on par with the lowest published price on the internet
  • Members can book Cruises as short as 2-3 month ahead.
  • Cruises can be paid with 100% Cruise Dollars, so NO out of pocket costs- members have paid their Cruise before they go
  • Members can save up to 50% of the lowest published price


Clarissa Lehmann

The Smarter Cruiser