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“Thank you for taking the time to review our compensation program.

We believe compensation plans should be fair, generous, yet simple to understand, so you can accurately plan your future. Our compensation plan meets all those objectives.

We share a product everyone dreams about: to See The WorldTM in comfort, in style, and at a fraction of the cost. We also provide a world-class business opportunity and compensation program you will see explained in great detail.

We have THREE simple principles we use to guide our decisions about the compensation program that powers your independent business. It must always be 100%:

  •  Fair and Generous
  •  Transparent
  •  Compliant

Even though our business is fun and exciting, together we will run our business with the highest level of integrity and commitment to being compliant. To achieve success with our company, you will need hard-work, commitment to compliance, and a deep passion for helping others achieve their goals.

Michael “Hutch” Hutchison,

Founder & CEO of inCruises™ ”



5 ways to earn income

As an InCruises® Partner, you can earn income 5 different ways


+ We provide our top producing Partners with exciting recognition, incentive travel rewards, and even luxury jewelry items.

Ready to see how our powerful compensation plan works?

membership free bonus

A $2,400.00 Per Year Value
By simply enrolling and maintaining just 5 direct Members or

Partner Members, your monthly Membership fee is waived! Yes, you will be Membership FREE, but you still receive $200 Cruise dollars allowing you to cruise

2-3 times annually without any out-of-pocket booking expenses.

How quickly can you become Membership FREE?

You could be the next, who receives such a certificate!


instant pay bonuses

Earn INSTANT PAY BONUSES of $50.00 to $150.00 each time you personally enroll a new Partner Member (someone that becomes a Partner and a Member) during a natural calendar month.

These bonuses start at $50.00 for the first Partner Member and increase for each new Partner Member you enroll. Then it “resets” again on the 1st of each month back to $50.00. These bonuses are paid within 24 hours of the enrollment; many times in less than 1-2 hours. True “Instant Income” you can depend on!

How many Partner Members can you enroll before the end of this month?



Earn a 100% MATCH of all Instant Pay Bonuses earned by your direct Partners once they reach 5 new Activation points during any given week.

– Member Activation = 1 point
– Partner Activation = 1 point
– Partner Member Activation = 2 points

The 5 points required in order for you to earn the Weekly Matching Bonus, is a TOTAL point count taking into account ALL of your direct Partners’ new activations each week. Additionally, you need to personally sponsor at least 1 NEW direct Member or Partner Member during the qualification week.

Maximum of ten (10) Instant Pay Bonuses can be matched each month, for each of your direct Partners.

Weekly Matching Bonuses are paid on Monday of each week for the previous week’s production. A full week is calculated from Monday UTC 00:00 to Sunday UTC 23:59 (UTC is Coordinated Universal Time).

Weekly Matching Bonuses must be claimed timely. You can claim the previous week’s bonus, assuming you qualified, and the previous week (total of two weeks). If you fail to claim your weekly bonuses, they are no longer displayed and you are no longer eligible to receive that compensation. inCruises® expects its Partners to be using the website and visiting the compensation pages often to check for leadership volume and compensation that requires manual claiming.

If Partners do not receive a 100% Weekly Match Bonus on a specific Instant Bonus during a given week, due to a payment verification issue, inCruises will pay Partners during the following week, when Instant Bonus payment is approved and IF the Partner did not request the previous week pending the approval of the Instant Bonus.

Weekly Matching Bonuses are subject to a chargeback if the Instant Pay Bonus that generated the matching amount is charge-backed due to a refund.

You can manually claim Weekly Matching Bonuses in the Weekly Bonuses tab of the Compensation page in your inCruises® back office.


producer bonuses

Earn 100 Cruise Dollars® each time you personally enroll THREE New Members within your compensation calendar month.

There are no limits to how many of these bonuses that you can earn.

Your compensation calendar month is always the calendar month following your enrollment date. So if you enroll on the 5th of the month, your compensation calendar month will always be from the 5th of the current month to the 5th of the following month.

The goal is simple: we want you to cruise faster and more often. With this amazing bonus for enrolling Members you’ll be rewarded with Cruise Dollars® you can use to cruise and see the world!

How many Cruise Dollars® do you want by the end of this month so you can Vacation Sooner?

monthly residual bonuses

Build a monthly residual income as big as you want by simply

becoming Membership FREE and helping ONE of your directs to also become Membership FREE; that simple!

We’ll pay you $5.00 UP TO 5 levels for every Membership payment made by any Member you refer and any Members referred by your Partner Team, each and every month.

How many Active Members do you want to earn residual income from?


leadership & global market bonuses

We pay our top producing leaders a Monthly Leadership bonus for achieving and maintaining 1 of 8 rank achievements based on total team production goals.

The first bonus level is $500.00 per month and the maximum bonus level is $55,000 per month and your entire team’s membership sales production counts for these bonuses (no limits!).

8 Bonus Levels

You can also earn your share of the entire company’s sale volume. We pay out 5% of our global membership sales volume from the previous month with all qualifying leaders in equal amounts.

This is a unique opportunity to override or earn a portion of the sales done by the entire company, not just your own team.

How big do you want to build your business?


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Road Map to Success

Your Roadmap to Success is very simple to follow. We believe that you can achieve great success with inCruises™ by:
- Identifying what you want
- Setting clear goals and getting started
- Taking massive action toward your goals

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