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A new way to cruise taking the market by storm- inCruises™ Cruise Membership Club

Likely you’ve heard people talking about the new, innovative way for cruise lovers: a cruise membership club! But what’s the hype about it? With thousands of members in over 150 countries, the Club is a true market disruptor in the industry and is changing the way families book, pay and save for the vacation.


Why is the club so special?

The membership is fairly simple: members pay $100 each month and receive 200 of what is called Cruise Dollars™ onto their account for each payment. These Cruise Dollars accumulate and never expire as long as the member remains a active member. Members can redeem those cruise Dollars to book any cruise from the entire Cruise inventory through the club’s booking engine. The prices for the cruises are on par with the lowest published price on the internet or the cruise line.

In the first year of membership, a member can apply 60% of their accumulated Cruise Dollars to book a cruise, in year 2 of membership 70% can be applied, in year 3 80%, in year 4 90% and 100% after that.

For example, in month 10 of their membership, a member wants to book a cruise that cost $1800. The member has already accumulated 2000 Cruise Dollars, of which he/she has only paid $1000). Now the member can apply 60% of the 2000 Cruise Dollars, which is $1200, so $600 need to be paid out of pocket. Total cost for the cruise for the member was only $1200, so a saving of 33%! The member has still 800 Cruise Dollars left over.

In another example, the member wants to book a cruise in month 15 of his/her membership. The cruise costs $1900. From the accumulated 3000 Cruise Dollar, the member can now apply 70%, so $2100. Not only can the member pay the cruise in full, but has still 1100 Cruise Dollars left over for future cruises. A saving of 50% on this cruise.

There’s no contract and members can cancel anytime. The Club is so sure that cruisers love each day of their membership so much that they offer a 14 day money-back guarantee should someone change their mind.

How can this be possible, it sounds too good to be true!

After some research on the topic, it’s obvious that this is possible due to a combination of factors. The club has minimal overhead costs due to its business model, combined with the recurring membership fee and the huge negotiating power with the cruise suppliers. The club doesn’t expend any money on advertising, it simply uses word to mouth advertising of its happy members.

Members can earn to cruise for free

Members can choose to participate in the optional referral program; for a one-time fee of $195, they can become “Partners” and once they have referred 5 new members to the club, their membership fee is waived yet they still receive 200 Cruise Dollars each month as long as they maintain 5 active members.

A lucrative business opportunity

Members who keep referring new members to the club quickly become business partners and not only do they earn free cruises but create a lucrative part or even full-time income with residual income, bonuses, and incentives. Some create a lifestyle that they have always dreamed about while helping others to cruise for less.


Is the club for you?

The way the membership model is designed, it attracts members that can see themselves taking cruises over the long term. The club is not designed for people who would like to take one single cruise.

More detailed information on the membership can be viewed here

and more information about becoming a business partner here

I should disclaim that we are obviously biased and a long term, passionate member of the club, however, the information provided is from a neutral and informative point of view.