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Why you should chose an ocean-view stateroom

Ocean- view staterooms are a sweet compromise between an interior stateroom and a balcony cabin. Often they are just a couple of hundred Dollars more than an inside cabin, but offer usually a more spacious room plus a gorgeous view out of a window. And if you are a little claustrophobic, a window and some little natural light may make all the difference.

Everybody dreams to cruise in upscale suites and balcony rooms, imagining a romantic champagne Rendez-vouz on the balcony, but is it always worth the extra money? Or could an less expensive ocean-view stateroom just be the perfect fit for you?

We found it really depends on 3 factors:

  1. How much more is the upscale room in comparison to an inside cabin

On older ships, there are often viewer balconies than on the new ships, hence they are rarer and more special; that often reflects in the price. If the balcony stateroom is just a few hundred Dollars more than the inside cabin, it may be well worth it, but if it is double or more, consider am ocean-view stateroom. Often very little $$$’s more than an inside cabin, it offers you a sweet compromise. Our personal rule is: if the balcony room is about 50% more than the inside, we chose balcony. If the balcony is 100% more than the inside, we chose an ocean- view, which is often just very little more than an inside stateroom.

2.  Are you sensitive to motion sickness?

If you are sensitive to motion sickness, an ocean- view stateroom offers a couple of advantages over the balconies rooms and inside cabins: you are low above the water and the ship is more stable the lower the deck; make sure you book a room mid ship for optimal stability. Additionally many people with motion sickness must be able to look outside, and the window in your lovely ocean view room is helping you along.

3. What’s you agenda and how much time are you going to spend in your room in private?

If you are on a cruise to meet new people, have lots of fun and action going on, you probably wouldn’t use the bonuses of a balcony cabin and could save hundreds of Dollars by choosing an ocean- view cabin. Let’s face it: if you have  balcony, you will be hanging out on you balcony, while without you’d likely to be strolling along the sundecks and where the action is.

If you haven’t tried it yet, why not consider an ocean- view cabin on your next cruise!

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