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9 essentails for a terrific day on the beach

If you are planning for a shore excursion to a beach, there are a few things that are good to know before you go:

  1. Will you be able to retrieve into a shady spot when desired? Are there umbrellas or palapas available?
  2. Is there the option to purchase beverages, specifically water? Maybe there are even included? But maybe you need to bring some from the ship
  3. Are there beach chairs or loungers available or will you be on your towel in the sand?


Now what exactly is a good idea to haul along?

  1. Beach towel: almost all cruise ships provide pool towels that you can take along, so no need to bring this item from home. Some beach clubs even provide towels.
  2. Drinking water: dehydration is about the last thing that you would want, so drinking lots of water (well, besides other beverages) is essential; we recommend to always take a bottle or two along, even if you are going to a beach club that offers  a restaurant or bar
  3. The essentials, of course: swim gear, maybe even a set to change, sun glasses (that have an excellent UVA and UVB protection), sun lotion with high SPF (preferably an ocean-friendly version since many store- bought ones are harmful for the marine life and reefs).
  4. Some cute cover-up(s), not only to visit the restaurant, but when your skin needs a sun break
  5. Flip Flops or even better: water- shoes! They make walking in the hot sand a breeze and protect your feet from sharp corrals and stones when you enter the ocean
  6. Your ship card and picture ID
  7. Beach bag: best bring a lined one along from home; the plastic liner protects the bag when you throw your wet swimsuit and towel in there and often have multiple zippered compartments and pouches. These are available in most port that a cruise ship possibly docks.
  8. Hand sanitizer or a travel size bottle of Thieves Essential Oil…. washroom in other countries may not always meet our expectations of sanitation
  9. And of course your phone or camera to capture these great moments

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