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7 irresistible reasons that put cruises in the spotlight

No doubt cruising is gaining popularity by the minute. Year after year, new amazing cruise ships enter the market and attract vacationers from all over the world to relax, enjoy and explore. But why is it that cruising is ever-so popular? Let’s put the 8 most attractive reasons in the spotlight!

1. The Ocean

No doubt, the ocean soothes the soul! Many people find themselves attracted to the ocean; whether it’s relaxing on a beach or standing on deck, gazing in the far distance and letting the peace of the ocean transform stress and hectic into a calm and relaxed state of mind, a cruise vacation over-delivers on this account. Not only does the voyage offer stunning vistas that you can enjoy from deck or your balcony stateroom, you also get to enjoy the beaches of the world. Have we mentioned that the ocean also sparks your romantic senses? Enjoying a glass of champagne on deck, star-gazing or savoring a scumptious dinner at a window table- the enjoyment is unparalleled! Cruising offers many aspects of ocean experience at once.

2. Lodging

A truly amazing feature of cruising is the fact that you settle in your (hotel)room once and it travels with you where ever the ship takes you. No more packing and unpacking to see a variety of destinations- your room is there when you get back from an amazing day of adventures. Rooms on a cruise ship are usually top notch, offering comfort and relaxation, accentuated with a selection of amenities to make your stay unforgettable- not to mention the exceptional service offered by the room steward, who makes sure your beds is made and you have everything you need for a blissful experience.

3. Variety of Destination

One of a cruises unique feature is that you’ll be able to see multiple ports, cities, regions, yes even different countries in one vacation, while your room is moving with you! From different Islands on the Bahamas, a variety of countries in the Western Caribbean, to multiple countries on cruises in the Mediterranean and Europe. Many itineraries offer overnight stays in spectacular location for those who which to spend more time in a certain location. If you are a bit more adventurous, how about a repositioning cruise that often brings you from one Continent to another? Sailing across the Atlantic or the Pacific is certainly an experience of a lifetime.

4. The Food

Dine like a queen/king on almost any cruise ship! Cruise lines offer not only a big variety of national and international cuisine, they also strive to offer unparalleled service with attentive, well schooled waitresses and waiters. Elegant sit-in dining rooms vary their 3-5 course menu daily to keep you showing up at the dinner table excited each and every night, but if you want it casual, every ship has a buffet restaurant that is open almost all day and evenings; they offer a huge selection of different foods to please every palate. Exquisite Specialty restaurant are available on most ships, like top-notch steak houses, Sushi bars or high-end Italians; they require reservation and mostly involve an extra fee.

5. Entertainment

All ships offer evening entertainment, from Broadway-style shows, comedy shows, live music, Karaoke, casual and classic dancing – all included in your cruise price. Many ships also play movies on the pool deck, where you can cozy up with a blanket and watch a great movie under the stars with a nice drink. White parties at the pool deck, Captains evening dinner and dance, the choice is endless! The type of entertainment varies a bit from Cruise line to Cruise line. Traveling with kids? No worries! A variety of programs for kids of different age groups is offered by almost all cruise lines, from daytime programs to evening activities, so you can enjoy well deserved couples times without any worries.

6. The Sunsets/Sunrises

Without any doubt, sunsets and sunrises at seasĀ  are simply the BEST!

Every morning and every night you experience a truly amazing sunrise and sunset, every day with a different perspective, a different background, a different lighting, but one thing they have all in common: they are amazing! It’s certainly worth to set one morning aside to rise early and go up on the deck, where you can soak in the fresh sea breeze, watching the sun arising at the horizon!

7. The Friendships

Whether you travel solo, as a couple, a family or a group- the opportunity to nurture your friendships as well as make new friends is plentiful on board! It’s easy to meet people at the pool deck and start a conversation. At the dinner table, you can chose if you’d like to sit by yourself or join in with other people, which is a great opportunity to meet others! A cruise is as social as you want it to be, and all people have 3 things in common: they love what you love: cruising, they are all in a great mood, because they are on vacation and they all want to have a great time, enjoying every moment. So if you are looking for new connection, your cruise is an ideal venue. Many cruisers have made wonderful friendships with strangers that became friends and are now cruising together.

Yes, I know, we are obviously biased, but if you like the idea of an all-inclusive vacation with a dose of luxury and adventure, a cruise is for you!

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