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What you need to know to book your cruise

Have you ever been confused on what exactly the best way is to book your cruise?

We’ll look at the 4 most popular ways to book and lay out the details for you, together with a handy comparison chart, because what’s important for one person may not be as important for the next.

1. Cruise line directly

This seems one very obvious way to book a cruise. The Cruise lines do a lot of advertising on their deals and current promotion and it seems the obvious thing to do. All itineraries are readily available online and so are the rates and promotions. You can certainly take advantage of the Loyalty program of the chosen line.


You can find the lowest price available, as well as last minute deals. You can browse through from the comfort of your home, from your cell phone or computer, yet there’s a hotline available if you run into questions. The current promotions and incentives (like free beverage package, free internet etc) are all laid out there for you and when you book, you collect loyalty points of that certain cruise line. When you book a new cruise while you are currently on one, you often get an incentive of 10-15% off when you book right on the ship.


It’s difficult to compare multiple cruise lines, so you need to know for sure that this is the line of your choice. you won’t be earning free cruises for referrals and booking discounts usually won’t exceed 10-20%.

2. Local Travel Agent

This is the most personal of all versions to book. Your travel agent makes sure she/he exactly finds out what you want and makes it happen. They can also organize your flights, hotels etc all in a one-stop shopping


Personal service, that is especially helpful when you are not so computer savvy. A travel agent has access to the complete inventory of cruises and can exactly find what you want. A travel agent has also access to the lowest prices available, last minute deals as well as incentives that the cruise line offers. If you have a cruise line loyalty card, the travel agent can make sure you get your points. Often, Travel Agents add a small incentive of their own, like free luggage tags, a bottle of wine etc as a Thank you for booking with them.


No program that you can earn free cruises for referrals and usually a discount of the lowest published price won’t exceed 10% if even.

3. Internet booking engines/networks

A popular version that allows you to see and compare all that’s there from the comfort of your home!


Lots if cruises to chose from from different lines; likely you’ll have access to the lowest published price, last minute deals. The current cruise line promotions and incentives are usually available there. When booking your cruise on the internet you can browse the inventory at own terms from the comfort of your home without having to leave the house. Support is often available on request via chat


Can be hard to navigate and you have to be somewhat computer savvy. Personal service is often not right away available and sometime not at all. Additional % off the lowest fares are rarely available and if so, they won’t exceed 10-15%. No option to earn free cruises for referrals

4. Cruise Membership Club

A fairly new way to book your cruise with rapidly increasing polularity¬† The Club doesn’t do any advertising¬† just word to mouth hence can offer its members to pay up to 50% off the lowest published fares. You can compare all that’s there from the comfort of your home. A drawing feature of the club is their referral program where members can earn to go on free cruises for their referrals.


Complete cruise inventory available to chose from at the lowest published price, as well as last minute deals, incentives of the cruise lines and participation in the cruise lines loyalty programs. Members save up to 50% off the lowest published price. You have saved up money before you book the cruise, so no more a big credit card debt. Option to participate in referral program to earn free cruises.


Takes a bit of time to accumulate some funds to reap the 50% off benefit in full.

To learn more about the new most popular trend of booking your cruises through the Cruise membership Club, just click on

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